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Pay As You Go Plan

  • No monthly payment
  • No minimum obligations
  • $3.50 per filing.
  • Document downloads are free.
  • Free Trial Period of 30 days

Unlimited Filing Plan

  • Unlimited filing
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Price per filer per month: $19.95* for the first 5 filers
    $17.95* for the next 15 filers
    $15.95* per additional filer
  • Free Trial Period of 30 days

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* Annual Prepay Discount of $2/mo per attorney

All of Judicialink's plans, including the pay-as-you-go plan, come with the following features:
  • When You Download an Existing Case
    • The docket is automatically updated to reflect the court's docket.
    • You can file documents in the case instantly and conveniently.
    • You can download any document in the case for free as long as you are an attorney of record.
    • You can download multiple documents at a time in a zip file.
  • When You File Documents
    • For existing cases, you enter the document types, document names, and required details.
      (unlike the other services, Judicialink allows you to enter a flexible document title)
    • For new cases, you enter more detail, including the parties, attorneys, case type, amounts at issue, etc.
    • Your documents are sent directly to the court.
    • You get an immediate response indicating the filing was received.
    • You get a receipt email indicating when the filing is received.
    • Your designated staff gets the same email.
    • If your filing is a new case, the receipt email gives you the case number.
    • If a fee was charged, ther receipt email says so.
    • The case pertaining to your filing is added to your "recent cases" so you can load it up quickly again.
    • If your filing is a new case, the case number is automatically updated in "recent cases" as soon as it is assigned.
    • If opposing counsel is an e-filer, opposing counsel gets e-mail service.
    • If opposing counsel is not an e-filer, the receipt email will say so.
    • You can check on the status of your filing in the "filing history" menu
    • You can look up your past receipts and notices in your "notifications" menu.
  • When Someone Else Files a Document in Your Case
    • You get an email including a copy of the documents.
    • Your designated staff also gets the email.
  • Staff Accounts
    • You can set up as many staff accounts as you want for free.
    • You can designate which staff get notices for which attorneys.
    • Staff can file on behalf of the attorney and will receive notices for the attorney.
  • Payment of Filing Fees
    • You can choose either to enter credit cards in every time or to save a credit card.
    • Your receipt email will confirm the amount of filing fee the court charged
    • You can look up past receipts in your "notifications" menu
  • Customer Support
    • Excellent customer support at no extra charge.
    • Phone calls, if missed, will be returned within two hours.
    • Emails will be responded to within 24 hours.
  • Extra Features that distinguish Judicialink from the others
    • "Autopleadings" feature allows you to create PDF and RTF files on the fly.
    • "Combine PDFs" feature allows you to attach PDF exhibits or split up documents conveniently.
    • Load recent cases easily from a dropdown button.
    • When filing a new case, Load recent clients easily from a dropdown button.
    • Set preferences for court, case type, party type, and other matters.
    • Download multiple documents at a time in a zip file.
  • And features are added all the time because Judicialink's attorney founder uses his own system.
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