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Legal Filing Solutions
for the Utah State Courts.

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Legal Filing Solutions
Modernize your law office with a fast and simple filing interface, customizable logins and notices, and superior customer support.
Unlimited - $19.95/mo
  • Unlimited filing
  • Price per-attorney, pre-paid
  • Annual prepay discount $2/mo per attorney
  • Group discount $2/atty over 5
  • Pay As You Go - $3.50/filing
  • No monthly fee
  • Billed after 30 days of filing
  • More about Prices and Features
  • Filed documents as e-mail attachments.
  • Separate staff logins, free of charge.
  • Customizable notification rules.
  • Switch between attorneys easily.
  • Batch downloads in a zip file.
  • User Manual
    Customer Support
  • Designed by an attorney, for attorneys.
  • I practice law. I know your business.
  • I wrote the code. I know my business.
  • I provide customer support personally.
  • Phone, text, email, webform.
  • Prompt responses guaranteed.
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    Where Can I File?
  • Utah State District and Justice Courts
  • Civil and Criminal Cases
  • Prosecution accounts available
  • No Juvenile Court Filings (See Here)
  • No Appeals Court Filings
  • More About Utah E-Filing
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